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Last updated: June 19, 2020

Also called rocker chairs, baby swings are a very attractive invention for many parents. While they are not absolutely necessary like a stroller or a cot, they have often helped parents out of trouble. Their design contributes to children relaxing and being calm, which means that parents are too.

There is an incredibly wide range of baby swings available on the Australian market, and choosing the right model can seem overwhelming. Will you opt for a very simple swing, or will you go with a model featuring an activity centre or vibration? We designed this guide to help you in your quest for the perfect baby swing.

Key Facts

  • Baby swings should ideally be compact and lightweight, while safety is always the number one concern. Make sure that the product includes a belt or another fastening system to prevent your child from slipping.
  • These items are exclusively designed to be set on the floor. You may think placing them on a bed or table is a good idea, but it could slide with movement and fall.
  • You have to know exactly what you’re after to get the right model. The variety of product is incredible, from simple swings to models with vibration devices, toy bars and other accessories.

Ranking: The best baby swings in the market

We’ve designed this shopping guide to help you make the right choice if you really want to buy a swing for your baby. In the following section, we’ve compiled the three best baby swings that you’ll find on the Australian market. Think about your baby’s needs and what you expect from this product, and we’re sure you’ll make the best decision.

No. 1: Fisher-Price Carnival Swing & Seat

American company Fisher-Price is a world leader in educational toys for children and has over 80 years of experience in the industry. This leaves little space to wonder why this swing is Amazon’s Choice in the category. Available in three different colour patterns, it presents all the features you’ll need for your baby to be safe while entertaining him or herself.

Supporting up to 18 kilos, this swing should be suitable for most children up to the age of 4, giving incredible value for money to this product.The SmartSwing Technology offers different swinging speeds and vibration tailored to your baby’s needs. The sturdy frame can be folded away for space saving. This model also includes songs and soothing sounds, as well as a harness, a washable seat pad and two hanging toys for even more entertainment.

No. 2: MaMaKiddies Baby Hammock

MaMaKiddies has been a leading brand in baby products in Australia since 2004, offering quality items at affordable prices. This no-frills baby hammock is as elegant as it is practical. The metal frame is sturdy enough to withstand weights of up to 11.5 kilos, and the manufacturer’s recommendation of us is up to 12 months of age. The pure cotton fabric is comfortable and ideal for your baby’s skin.

No. 3: Deluxe Baby 4-in-1 Rocker Chair

This baby rocking chair is ideal for playing, feeding or resting. The two reclining positions offer comfort for your child, while the integrated kick stand provides stable seating for those tasks when it is necessary. The front tray is perfect for playing with toys or simply eating. With a weight capacity of 18 kilos, this baby swing is tailored for children up to 4 years of age.

The toy bar is removable and presents 2 toys that will keep your little one having fun for hours on end. The vibrations, as well as the sound of water and melodies, contribute to soothing your child when need. This product comes with a 12-month parts replacement warranty for additional peace of mind.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about baby swings

Knowing what these products are about will definitely help you in choosing the best baby swing. We bet you still have some questions about these particularly useful items; we encourage you to keep reading our article to get all the information you need.

The swing’s movement is ideal to soothe your baby. (Source: Schmidt: 85164067/

What are baby swings exactly?

Sometimes known as rocker chairs, these products consist of a seat, usually padded and inclined that can swing. While they may not be as important as a stroller or a cot for your baby, baby swings certainly are very practical.

These simple items are indeed tremendously useful, both for your child and yourself. Their design allows babies to be in a different position than in a cot or pram.

As mentioned above, baby swings are slightly reclined and provide a very soothing swinging movement.

What are the different parts of a baby swing?

These baby products consist of several distinct parts, of which the chassis and the support base create the structure. These are usually made of resistant materials such as metal. Note that you can also find cheaper models that will be made of plastic.

The seat of baby swings is generally both rigid and padded, with a harder core to provide better back support for your baby. It tends to be covered with a soft, padded fabric for maximum comfort. On the other hand, the belt is a safety feature that prevents the bachildby from slipping.

Swings are designed for babies of different ages and weights. (Source: Vasileva: 62149710/

Why are baby swings useful?

This product will encourage your child to become more familiar with his environment. While babies are most comfortable in their cot or the pram, this device can very beneficial when they are awake. They allow the littles ones to have a better view of their surroundings, as they are inclined.

Another advantage that baby swings offer is that they help develop the balance and other motor skills through the gentle balancing they provide. These products are very safe and entertaining for your child, and you can easily monitor them while doing other tasks around the house.

J. Mateu SanchoDoctor
“Swings should never be placed in high places, on soft surfaces, on armchairs or in places where that vibrate; always place them on firm ground. They should never be used in the car. It is recommended to stop using them when the child is already making lateral swaying movements, because of the danger of them tipping over.”

What age range are swings suitable for?

Most swings are suitable for newborns, which means that they can complement your cot. They help you always keep an eye on your baby. The characteristics of the swing means that your child is inclined as opposed to seated, therefore providing total support for the head.

Models by certain manufacturers can be used by babies up to 6 months old, while others are useful even up to 2 years of age. This depends a lot on the quality and sturdiness of the manufacturing materials. This is why we strongly encourage you to check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Remember that swings have a certain weight limit that you should absolutely respect.

Where should I place my baby swing?

You should always place it on the floor, as they are not designed for other smooth surfaces such as tables or sofas. As a matter of fact, it is completely forbidden to place a baby swing at height, as the risk of it slipping is too high – even if the specific model has slip-resistant legs.

The fact that baby swings rock back and forth and are therefore very mobile puts them at risk of drifting across a surface towards the edge. This is the reason why, in order to avoid the risk of falls, we only recommend placing them on the floor.

A baby swing will perfectly entertain your child. (Source: Famveldman: 30780455/

What are important features?

In the end, your needs will determine which specific model you buy. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain details that all parents should look for when buying a baby swing. We encourage you to opt for a chassis made from resistant and quality materials with non-slip legs.

The seat should be rigid enough to hold your child’s head, back and neck; a soft and padded cover is a plus. The seat belt is an essential feature, the most recommended type of which is the harness, to avoid your baby from slipping through the seat belt.

Shopping Criteria

You now know the baby swing ABC, and it’s time to look at specific aspects that you’ll need to take into account when you’re making your decision. The following shopping criteria are absolute musts if you want to choose the product will most be tailored to your child’s needs.

Manufacturing materials

You should always check the quality of the manufacturing materials of any baby product, and it’s no different with these swings. Resistant materials like metal or hard plastic are generally used for the chassis, and they should provide the appropriate strength required by this kind of product.

As we mentioned before, fabric-coated seats are most suitable for babies. In that regard, both cotton and mesh fabric are very frequently used. The latter presents the advantage of being more breathable. You should naturally make sure that the seat is ergonomic and padded.


The baby swing industry is extremely developed, and each model is tailored for specific needs. While these products can generally be used from birth, they are designed with a certain age limit in mind depending on the materials and/or weight they can withstand. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Models that can resist up to 9 kg of weight are suitable for babies up to around 6 months of age. Some are also more appropriate for children up to 9 months, and you can even find options up to 2 years of age. Since the market is particularly diverse, you should carefully assess your needs.

Safety system

These products are designed to gently swing your baby, and while this movement is very light, your child should be well secured at all times to minimise risks. The baby swing you want to purchase should have a quality safety system that will provide danger-free entertainment to your child.

The harness is one of the most recommended fastening methods. It is easily recognisable as its design allows children to insert their legs through it. The divider placed in the middle stops your baby from slipping, and he will be able to enjoy swinging without any risk.

Aral SuárezEarly Care Expert
“Baby swings are easily transportable so that the baby can watch everyone and what they do around him.”

Folding system

Models with an effective folding system seem to be particularly appreciated by many parents, as not everyone has enough free space. This is why companies have designed easily foldable baby swings that take up as little space as possible. This will also make it easier to transport.

Just like the folding system should be simple and comfortable to use, another key aspect is that the swing shouldn’t accidentally fold itself. For this reason, we strongly recommend you opt for a model with a built-in security lock. These mechanisms are designed to prevent baby swings from closing on their own.

Additional features

The Australian market is filled with baby swings, from the simpler ones to more complex models with endless extras and additional features. For instance, certain products present fun activity bars, usually equipped with dolls, rattles, baby dummies and other toys that your child can easily manipulate to entertain himself.

The most innovative models even feature a vibration system, meaning that you can activate the swinging with the push of a button. Designed to soothe babies, the vibrations tend to be very light and relaxing. Finally, some baby swings include music, lighting and even USB connection.

Types of swing Characteristics Advantages
Basic They offer the essentials: a harness, balancing and reclining. They are ergonomic and economical.
With activity centre They have a toy bar. They are fun and promote your child’s motor development.
With vibration They feature a vibration device. The automatic swinging soothes your baby.


The arrival of a new member to the family means that you’ll need to gather many new baby products. This naturally includes clothes, toiletry items, eating utensils and products for outdoor activities. Baby swings are considered particularly practical and should also be on your list.

These accessories bring the environment closer to your baby, and the swinging favours his psychomotor development. Children can entertain themselves, rest, play and relax in these wonderful products. Since swings are designed to be used during a minimum of six months, you need to ensure that the model you buy is exactly what your little one needs.

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