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A joyous touch, the colour of beauty. A blush can truly give life to your face, even when you’re tired. One of the very first things to make an impression on people is our face, and we have great news for you: certain products can help us improve our look and give us a more joyful expression.

Blush – or blusher – can be found in a wide number of shapes and sizes to fit the tastes and style of each woman. Many colours and textures are available, with some blushes more striking than others. Be that as it may, women who use blush have a healthy image, concealing small skin flaws in the process.

Key Facts

  • Blush comes in two different textures: cream, recommended for dry skin; and powder, more suited to dry oily skin.
  • You should apply your blush according to the shape of your face and the result you’re looking for, but also the imperfections you want to conceal and the characteristics you want to enhance.
  • The shade you choose isn’t to alter your skin colour or to look more tanned or whiter, but rather to complement and beautify your own tone.

Ranking: The best blushes on the Australian market

In the following section, you’ll discover our very own selection of the best blushes available on the market right now. We’ve also summed up the main characteristics of each product. We hope this will allow you to make an informed decision, and that you’l purchase the best blush according to your tastes and the characteristics of your skin. Let’s get started!

No. 1: Maybelline Dream Matt Blush (Coy Coral)

American makeup brand Maybelline is one of the world’s most recognised in the industry, and its name itself is synonymous with high quality. This is why their Coy Coral matt blush tops our ranking, also offering incredible value for money.

This creamy balm-to-powder is designed to blend smoothly into your skin once applied, providing a silky matte translucent look. This cheek tint has received positive reviews, with past customers stating that it was a great product to add some colour to your skin without putting too much blush.

No. 2: Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso)

Milani is a cosmetics company based in Los Angeles, and they’ve become a force to be reckoned with on the market since their creation in 2001. Their Baked Blush in Luminoso colour can be used to shape, highlight or contour your face just the way you like.

It is the ideal product to give a playful touch of colour to your face, allowing for a younger and happier appearance. According to women who have used it, this pigmented blush is very glowy and particularly easy to apply. It will give you a very natural look if the colour fits your skin tone.

No. 3: SmashBox L.A. Lights Beverly Hills Blush

American brand SmashBox is a cosmetics company owned by American giant Estée Lauder, with products receiving fantastic reviews by women who have used them. Their L.A. Lights Beverly Hills blush is a great little product to have in your makeup bag… or your purse.

It comes in the shape of a stick, which makes it ideal to carry around. It’s also a very versatile blush, since you can use it to add colour to your cheeks but also to your lips. While it’s more expensive than the first blushes on our list, past users have said it was worth every penny.

No. 4: Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette (Fard à Joues)

Rimmel is a British cosmetics brand, originally founded in 1834. Their experience in the industry is recognised worldwide, and their offer high quality makeup products. This blush palette designed by Kate Moss offers three different powdered colours. The three ultra-fine shades are ideal for nude to sculpted-looking cheeks.

The palette is great to carry around, giving you the opportunity to play with your looks at all times. Buyers of the product have enjoyed the very natural result. These soft and discreet tones are particularly suitable for women with light skin. This product offers great bang for your buck, too.

No. 5: Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Tender Blush (Peach Party)

Last but not least, here comes an elegant little blush set by French brand Guerlain. Even older than Rimmel, this perfume and cosmetics house is a world leader in the industry, so it’s not surprising to see one of their products in our selection. This Peach Party-coloured blush offers a delicate violet fragrance.

This product is especially useful if you want to define or contour your face, highlighting its most beautiful features. While it is the most expensive on our list, it does offer some advantages: it comes with a brush specifically designed to apply it, and a stylish Guerlain box that you’ll love to keep.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about blushes

Before you get your very own blush, you should know the main aspects of this kind of product. This will prevent you from harming your skin, while obtaining exactly the results you want. In the next section, we get into the details of those key factors for you to be well informed when the time comes. We also answered the most frequently asked questions by past users.

A blush can conceal wrinkles and give a youthful look to a mature face.
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What is a blush designed for?

This product is essential for a woman makeup when she goes out. It can give a soft and healthy look to your skin, and turn your tired face into a radiant, joyful one. You’ll need to apply it correctly and with the right amount to obtain these results. You can also enhance your skin tone.

A blush can also conceal small imperfections – in particular in the shape of your skin – and make your strong features more harmonious, while highlighting the most beautiful parts of your face.

A blush can conceal wrinkles and give a youthful look to a mature face.

How and with what should I apply blush?

Knowing how to apply blush is key if you want to get quality results. Experts recommend you to smile lightly, giving to your face the appropriate shape to highlight the cheekbones and use circular movements to apply blush on them. You can then gently blend the colour in different directions, depending on your goal.

A blush won’t simply brighten up your face and give a healthy look to your skin; it also has the particularity of creating various visual effects. In that regard, the different ways you can apply it allow you to define your face, give it volume or soften square features. You generally apply it with a brush, although you could also use your fingers.

Blushes come in different textures, with powder and cream being the most common.
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How should I apply blush according to the shape of my face?

Blush allows you to correct small flaws, soften your facial features and give your face a more harmonious look. This is why you should know how to apply it according to the characteristics of your features and what exactly you want to correct or conceal. Here’s a table with useful information for you:

If your face’s shape is: And your goal is to: Apply blush like this:
Round Define it You should spread the product from your cheeks to your temples.
Wide Narrow it Put the blush horizontally right under your cheekbones.
Thin Widen it Spread the product placed on your cheekbones up to your ears.
Square Round it Spread the blush from your cheekbones slightly downwards, or apply it directly to the apples of your cheeks in a circular movement.
Diamond  Soften the angles Apply powder or cream on top of your cheekbones and towards ears, attracting the eye down and highlighting your cheekbones.
Heart  Smoothen your jaw line Put the blush on the bottom of your cheekbones, in a similar way to contouring.

How much blush should I apply?

Whether you apply the product with a brush or with your fingers, we advise you to use a small quantity to spread and blend it better. This will also give you a more natural result. Apply your blush with small touches, starting with a little colour and gently adding more if you see it fit.

In the end, it’s all about personal taste. That being said, experts encourage using blush to promote natural beauty, and therefore applying little to avoid a fake look. According to cosmetic professionals, blush is best used when it seems that your cheeks’ tone shines directly from your own skin.

Molly R. SternCelebrity Makeup Artist
“To me, blush is the most essential beauty product to wear. It enhances the complexion and gives the skin a youthful glow.”

Should I change my blush depending on the time of day?

You can definitely select different products depending on whether you’re going out in the morning or if you have an evening event. The colour will naturally vary, with more discreet ones preferred in the morning and a little more eye-catching blushes for partying at night. The texture of your blush should also change.

In that regard, cosmetic experts explain that you’ll want to opt for a matte tone during daytime if your skin is oily. On the other hand, go for a satin texture if you have normal to dry skin.

At night, bright blushes are definitely the most popular and most suitable, although you should try to remain as natural as possible for the best possible look.

Can blush be used for contouring techniques?

Yes, you can. People are calling this technique “draping”, and it consists in using your blush to contour the face, combining dark and light tones to bring volume and shine to it. You can, for instance, obtain a more lively look with small touches of colour on your chin, temples and earlobes.

Use draping on your cheeks and with darker colours if you want to add volume. Lighter tones are used to make your face brighter, in which case the blush is applied on the top of your cheekbones. Beauty and makeup professionals say that these techniques spruce up the face and give it a natural and fresh look.

Many experts recommend opting for mineral-based blushes, as they can protect the face from the sun.
(Source: Anton Estrada: 118702416/

Can I be allergic to my blush?

If you notice certain reactions on your cheeks after applying blush, you may be allergic to one or more of the components found in your product. If you begin to have small patches of spots on your skin, in particular those that sting when you touch them, you may have a problem with the blush. In that case, we encourage to leave your skin to rest for five days.

If you get blemishes or eczema, or if any part of your face becomes inflamed, then your blush definitely contains something harmful to your skin. You are advised to consult your physician or dermatologist. If you apply the product and begin to have very dry or stiff skin, that’s another hint telling you your body isn’t happy with the makeup. In that case, you should stop using the product.

Shopping Criteria

By now, you should know the different functions of blushes and their main characteristics. In the section below, we’ll introduce you to the key aspects that you should evaluate when the time comes to buy your next blush. That way, you’ll pick the best product to highlight the beauty of your face. These are the criteria we’ll be looking at:

Textures and characteristics

As we mentioned earlier, blush can come in different textures, with powder and cream being the most common. There are several factors to consider when choosing one or the other: it is essential to know your skin type, the makeup style you like and the end result you want to obtain. Here are the characteristics of the different types of blush texture available:

Texture Characteristics
Powder For oily skins, as they can absorb excess sebum. More comfortable if you are looking for contouring. Favour applying it with a brush rather than your fingers.
Cream For dry skins, as it provides moistness. It can make greasy skins shine in an unpleasant way. Very natural results. It can come in sticks or boxes. Its solid texture makes it more difficult to obtain an even result.
Liquid Very natural look. Ideal for dry skins, as they are nutritive. Better for young skins that do not have acne than mature skins.
Meteorites or balls The combination of colours they offer allow for different tones and effects using light. Best applied with natural hair brushes. It is probably the texture that most brightens the face.
Mineral powder or loose powder  Similar to compact blush. It tends to coat the brush quite a bit, which means you need to be careful before applying. More suited to dry oily skins.

Blush tones

When you’re looking at the tone of the blush you want to buy, start off by looking at your own skin colour. Pick a product that will allow you makeup to look natural. You don’t want to simply choose a beautiful colour, or one that will make you look darker or whiter. What you want is to enhance your own skin tone.

Light-skinned women will prefer light pink tones, while medium-tone skins can go for dark pinks, fuchsia and orange with golden reflections. Darker faces will prefer russet, dark gold and terracotta tones. In addition to this, you’ll need to think about what type of glow you want to obtain.

Experts encourage using blush to promote natural beauty, and therefore applying little to avoid a fake look.
(Source: Daria Minaeva: 60728779/

You could also base your blush colour on your hair colour or dye. Women who have black or dark brown hair should use bronze or brown. Those with light brown or blonde hair will prefer peach, coral or orange blushes.

Blush according to the origin of its components

These makeup products contain soluble dyes and pigments. Some come from natural – animal, plant or mineral – or artificial origins. You also often find titanium oxide or zinc to cover the skin, and mica or glitter. Kaolin or magnesium carbonate are used to absorb perspiration.

Many experts recommend choosing mineral blushes, as they are able to naturally protect the face from the sun. These offer a matte finish that looks more natural, allowing the skin to breathe without clogging the pores. Since these products do not contain oils, they are suitable for dry, mixed and oily skins alike.

Calvin KleinAmerican Fashion Designer
“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”

Age of the skin

If your mature skin is giving in to the effect of gravity, you are advised to use a blush of the same colour as your base. Blend it well to avoid giving the impression that your cheekbones are higher. These types of blushes generally offer colours that will provide a healthier and younger look to your face.

If your skin is young, focus on highlighting your most beautiful features. Young women will particularly benefit from rose, orange and iridescent shades. These tones are also useful to revitalise the skin of older women. Note that wearing strong tones will give you an older appearance.

We wear cosmetics for hours every day, so it is important that they do not contain anything that will damage our skin.
(Source: Massonforstock: 35369884/

Potential allergens

We wear cosmetics for hours every day, so it is important that they do not contain anything that will damage our skin. Dermatologists recommend testing a product on the inside of your wrist and waiting for potential reactions for at least 48 hours. The following can lead to allergic reactions:

  • Scented blushes, which are more likely to be harmful.
  • Conservatives such as parabens. Luckily for you, most manufacturers have discontinued their use.
  • Products advertised as durable on the skin are generally more occlusive and can be more harmful to the skin.
  • Paraffins and petroleum products.
  • Nickel, more commonly found in products with brighter colours. In that regard, stick to earth colours if you experience any issue.


Blushes are essential cosmetics in any beauty routine. They’ll give your skin a healthier and younger appearance, and your face will come out looking joyful and rested. Available in various colours and textures, you have to choose your blush depending on the results you’re looking for, considering your features and age.

You can find suitable blushes for every occasion and skin type. The product that most suits your needs will always improve your skin instead of damaging it. Finally, you’ll have to take your face’s shape into consideration when applying the blush for optimal results. Don’t forget to check if the product contains potentially allergenic components.

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