Since the beginning of time, beauty has been a centre of attention for humans. We are now well aware that our society is strongly influenced by beauty standards, which have evolved over time. Today, the beauty trend is all about having a young and healthy skin.

As time passes, however, signs of ageing like wrinkles and expression lines regrettably appear. A wide array of products are now available on the cosmetic market to combat these signs of ageing, and their key component is collagen. Read on and you’ll know all about the properties and benefits of this protein.

Key Facts

  • Collagen is a protein that abounds in our body, acting as support between different tissues and organs.
  • Our production of collagen decreasing with age, several repercussions are felt at the systemic and cosmetic levels. Our lifestyle and various factors linked to it can also contribute to decreasing this production.
  • Collagen has become increasingly present in beauty products as its main purpose is fighting signs of ageing. Side effects from its use are minimal, and studies have proven collagen to be a safe compound offering multiple beneficial properties to our body.

Ranking: The best collagen products in the market

We’ve designed this section to introduce you to the very best collagen products available on The Australian market right now. We hope you’ll find everything you need right here!

No. 1: Manuka Lane Anti-Ageing Face Serum

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Manuka Lane is a New Zealand-based manufacturer of all-natural products of the finest quality to care for your skin. Designed to help slow the ageing process and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face, this face serum contains Manuka honey. It is well known in cosmetics for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

This 30-millilitre serum also features hyaluronic acid, naturally present in your skin and that will contribute to continuously hydrating your face. Moreover, the collagen will strengthen and elasticise the skin. This New Zealand-made product offers great value for money.

No. 2: Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Collagen Cream

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German company Dr. Spiller specialises in developing high quality cosmetics since the 1950s, and past customers have been particularly pleased with their Biomimetic collagen cream. Designed for dry and combination skin, it will provide you with long-lasting anti-ageing moisture protection.

Containing a cocktail of vitamins (A, C and E), beeswax, lanolin and various natural oils, this cream should be applied after having cleansed your skin. Ideal for the face and neck areas.

No. 3: Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen Powder

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Australian brand Vida Glow is all about using the very best products to give your skin the glow it deserves, and it’s exactly what this collagen powder will do. It is edible and will fit perfectly in all your smoothies, morning cereal, water and other favourite drinks to reap all the benefits of this protein.

It also contains blueberry juice powder for flavour and extra health perks, while it is naturally sweetened with stevia. The price is slightly steeper as marine collagen is used. This pack offers 30 standard servings.

No. 4: RegenaCol Collagen Serum

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This collagen serum by RegenaCol combines proteins and active peptides to fight back the ageing process. It does so by acting at different stages of collagen life: its synthesis, its formation and its degradation. What does this actually mean? Wrinkles and expression lines are reduced, leading to a younger-looking skin. It is recommended to use twice daily. According to past customers, this product offers amazing results.

No. 5: Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

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Elemis is a British leader in the skincare industry; they blend the best products of nature with top scientific innovation to provide you with quality cosmetics. This anti-wrinkle day cream is suitable for all skin types, and Elemis claims that it is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles within 14 days. Past users have particularly liked the way this cream made their skin feel.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about collagen

There are several key factors you need to know about this protein before making buying any collagen product. The following section includes what we believe to be the most relevant information regarding collagen, as well as the most frequently asked questions by past users to help you make the right decision.

Collagen 1

Collagen offers multiple beauty properties.(Source: Tom: 44191752/

What is collagen exactly?

Collagen is the main structural protein found in our body, and is also one of its most abundant proteins. As we briefly mentioned earlier, its main purpose is to act as a support between different tissues, such as tendons, teeth or skin. It helps maintain their architecture and stability, and therefore function properly.

Collagen fibres wear down over time lose their function little by little, which has several cosmetic consequences. As collagen deteriorates, your skin begins to lose firmness, becomes more flaccid and wrinkles appear. Cosmetics that include collagen in their formula are designed to prevent this from happening.

What is the role of collagen in our body?

You may not know this, but there are several types of collagen in our body – we have identified up to 20 different kinds of this protein. That being said, types I to V make up 99% of our body’s collagen. You’ll find more information about these main types in the following table:

Type of collagen Location in the body
Type I Bones, tendons, ligaments, skin
Type II Cartilage, ocular structures
Type III Liver, lungs, blood vessels
Type IV Kidneys, internal organs
Type V Cell surface, hair, placenta

This structural protein forms part of our body’s connective tissue – this is the tissue in charge of keeping the structural organisation, support and cohesion between the different parts of our organism. The hydration, elasticity, resistance flexibility of our organs and tissues all come from collagen too.

Collagen is basically the glue that keeps our body in one piece.

Collagen is absolutely essential to our body, being found in most of its tissues.

What are the beauty properties of collagen?

You now know of collagen’s presence in several tissues and organs of our body. This is the reason why it offers extremely broad beauty properties on various levels. Let’s have a look at the main cosmetic benefits of collagen.

As mentioned earlier, its anti-ageing properties make it a great product for our skin. It tones down expression lines and fills in any small wrinkle by boosting skin replacement and regeneration. Collagen also contributes to having a skin with greater elasticity and smoothness, that will look younger and healthier.

Collagen doesn’t only fight against signs of ageing: it also offers other advantages for our skin. it contributes to reducing inflammatory processes like acne, psoriasis and eczema, as well as preventing cellulite and stretch mark onset. This structural protein helps improve our body’s healing process.

Collagen 2

Collagen improves the appearance of our skin, nails and hair.(Source: Karalak: 60484932/

As said earlier, collagen also acts on skin adnexa, such as nails and hair. It gives a stunning look by promoting strong and healthy hair growth, while our nails also appear healthier, more resistant and less brittle.

What are its other benefits for the body?

Collagen’s properties actually go well beyond beauty and cosmetics. For instance, studies have proven the antioxidant power of this protein, as well as its capacity to regulate blood pressure and reduce body fat levels. Collagen has also shown to repair tissues, such as skin, tendons and cartilage.

Muscle and joint pain can be reduced by optimal collagen levels, which will also lead to strong and healthy supporting tissues like bones, cartilage and tendons. Post-exercise muscle recovery is also promoted.

We’ve summed up the main cosmetic and health benefits in the table below:

Beauty Health
Reduces expression lines and wrinkles Antioxidant
Reduced inflammation and acne Regulates blood pressure
Prevents stretch marks and cellulite Controls body fat
Quicker healing Tissue repair
Smooth, youthful, shiny skin Stronger bones, cartilage and tendons
Strong, shiny hair Faster muscle recovery
Resistant, healthy nails Fewer joint, bone, and muscle pains

Where does the collagen used in cosmetics come from?

In cosmetics, there are two types of collagen sources: natural and synthetic. The former can either be extracted from animals or plants – Most of it coming from cattle. While it is cheaper and easier to get, animal-sourced collagen can lead to allergic reactions and sensitivity, and even transmit pathologies.

Synthetic sources were created specifically to avoid these issues. The process consists of modifying collagen molecules to make them more compatible with human use and prevent any risks to our health. The inconvenience with this type of collagen is that is more expensive and less effective than natural collagen.

Marine animals are currently used increasingly as a source of natural collagen. It is more effective and offers the advantage of not transmitting diseases or producing side effects. While bovine collagen remains the most frequently used, marine collagen may very well replace it in the near future.

You’ll find the advantages and disadvantages of the different collagen sources in the table below:

Natural source: bovine and porcine Natural source: marine Synthetic source
Effect +++ +++ ++
Price + + +++
Side effects ++ +/- +/-

When should I start using collagen cosmetics?

As we mentioned before, your collagen fibres will lose their properties as you age. Over the years, your skin will start losing its youthful appearance as these fibres deteriorate. As a matter of fact, researchers believe that we lose 1.5% of collagen per year from the age of 25.

This is the reason why it is particularly recommended to start using collagen-rich cosmetics from this age onwards. We also encourage you to add products that stimulate your collagen production into your diet. This will help boost the protein’s properties on both the systemic and cosmetic levels.

Why do we produce less collagen?

Age isn’t the only factor involved in collagen production, and most of these other factors are directly linked to our habits and lifestyle. This means that we can correct them to a certain extent.

The main factors that have been identified are the following:

  • Smoking
  • High blood sugar levels
  • Insufficient supply of vitamin C
  • Prolonged exposure to environmental pollutants
  • Sun exposure

These can all damage our skin in different ways, and will reduce our body’s collagen production. Having a healthy lifestyle and avoiding exposure to these factors will therefore help you maintain a healthy skin both inside and out.

Can collagen negatively impact my health?

Collagen cosmetics are always applied topically (creams, gels, lotions), which only leads to very few side effects such as allergic or hypersensitivity reactions. Depending on the collagen source, certain individuals may indeed be sensitive or allergic to some of its components.


Collagen can be extracted from bovine and marine animals, or be of synthetic origin.

You must be particularly cautious in buying a cosmetic that does not contain any substances that may cause you harm. This way, you’ll ensure that you take care of your skin safely.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of collagen?

In the following table, we’ve summed up the different advantages and disadvantages linked to the use of beauty products containing collagen. Bear in mind that these aspects refer to topical use.

  • Anti-ageing effect
  • Rejuvenated and firm skin
  • Reduction of inflammation and acne
  • Active against stretch marks/cellulite
  • Improved healing and tissue repair
  • Strong and healthy hair/toes
  • Hypersensitivity reactions
  • Allergies

Shopping Criteria

There are certain factors that are essential to know if you want to buy the perfect collagen cosmetic for you. In the following section, we’ve detailed the most relevant of them to give you all the information you need to make the right purchase:

  • Composition
  • Purpose
  • Quality
  • Price


When it comes to the composition of the product, the source of the collagen is most important aspect you want to look at. As we mentioned before, some individuals are prone to allergic reactions or skin sensitivity, so make sure that you check the cosmetic’s components and that it is free of harmful compounds.

As you now know, these types of reactions are particularly common with animal-sourced collagen. We strongly encourage you to look at each product’s composition, as collagen of animal origin is the most used in these cosmetics.

Individuals with sensitive skin should therefore stick to marine or synthetic collagen.


You need to know exactly what results you expect before purchasing any collagen cosmetic. Collagen is not only a product with Its anti-ageing properties are just one of the many benefits collagen offers for our skin and our body. This is why we recommend you to be sure of your purpose for using this type of product.

Collagen 3

Collagen-induced side effects on the skin are minimal.(Source: Rido: 4126331/


There is always a wide range of cosmetic products on the Australian market, and very different qualities available. Start by checking the total collagen content for each product, and keep in mind that certain products contain excipients that may harm your skin.

Tread carefully: be critical and don’t let yourself be fooled. Certain cosmetics advertised as miracle cures actually contain a tiny proportion of collagen. You have to know that the product you want to buy is a quality product, so carry out your own investigation.


This is naturally a key factor in your decision to buy or not a specific product. Keep in mind that a steeper price doesn’t always go hand in hand with a better quality. In the end, you’ll want to get the right collagen cosmetic at a price within your budget, and above all get value for your money.


Collagen is a protein that has been proven to be fundamental for the good functioning of our body. it offers multiple systemic benefits, as well as exceptional beauty properties. This is why collagen cosmetics have gone on to become a key part of many women’s beauty routine.

The cosmetics industry is currently researching new, more effective sources of collagen that present no side effects for our health. Every day, more and more people – including cosmetics and dermatology experts – integrate collagen into their daily lives. What are you waiting for?

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