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Last updated: June 19, 2020

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Our skin is the largest part of our body. That is why it plays a key role in our health and wellbeing. It is the first barrier against the outside environment, it regulates our body temperature and protects us against nasty infections.

So of course, it is vital to take adequate care of our skin. The skin of our face requires more attention than the rest of the body. It is the most exposed of the body and the most vulnerable to the external elements. Additionally, it is where the first signs of aging start to show. Using a good day cream is one of the key parts of taking care of your face. If you want to know why, I highly encourage you to read on.

Key Facts

  • The skin of the face is exposed to multiple external factors throughout the day.
  • Day creams are specifically formulated to meet all the needs of our skin during the day. Our facial skin needs are not the same during the day as at night.
  • There are so many different types of day creams. You should choose the cream that best suits your skin type and the results you want to obtain.

Ranking: The best Facial Creams on the market

In this section you will find a selection of the 5 best day creams available on the market in Australia. In addition, we have included an explanation of each of them so that you can compare and analyse them well. You will find it useful to decide which is best for you and your face.

No. 1: NIVEA Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream SPF30+, 50ml

50 ml. Nivea’s Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream is especially formulated with Ocean Minerals and SPF 30 to nourish and protect your skin. Designed for normal & combination skin, it is skin compatibility approved, and leaves the skin feeling fresh and well cared for.

If you are looking for an economical yet reliable product, this one could be the one for you. The face creams provides long-lasting hydration to keep your skin feeling young and fresh all day long. Available in Light and Rich, this cream is undeniably the best value product out there.

No. 2: L’Oréal París (SPF)

50 ml. Day cream with polyphenols, vitamin B and sunscreen. This is an improved formula for faster and longer-lasting results. Immediately after the application of this product, you will notice a moisturised and toned skin. L’Oréal Paris day cream contains an exclusive formulation with powerful effects.

Containing fermented black tea, known to be rich in vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, the formula protects skin cells for longer. It also incorporates rare black truffle extract, renowned for its longevity, which helps to stimulate skin cell renewal. It also protects against solar radiation.

Puesto nº 3: Olay (7 in one)

50 ml. Day cream with powerful anti-aging action. It is specifically designed to combat the 7 main signs of age. Combats wrinkles, moisturises, unifies skin tone and smoothes its texture. It also reduces pores, illuminates and firms the skin.

In addition, it includes medium sun protection (SPF 15) to prevent the harmful effects of solar radiation. Its components include niacinamide (vitamin B3) and antioxidants. They stimulate the renewal and regeneration of the skin, giving it a healthier appearance. Finally, it has a fat-free formula that prevents clogged pores.

No. 4: Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream 200ml

200 ml. An intensive moisturising cream that is pH neutral & dermatological approved. Unlike the other products in our list, this cream is actually suitable for use on the face, hands & body. Provides rich moisturising care with Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E. It is a fast absorbing cream that leaves your skin feeling sensationally soft and smooth.

Nivea has long been at the top of the list when it comes to cosmetic products. It is a well renowned and trusted brand that provides proven results. Australians alike have confidence in this brand and this 200 ml cream is no different.

No. 5: Manuka Doctor Apinourish Revitalizing Day Cream SPF15, 171 mL

171 ml. The Manuka Doctor revitalising day cream is an age-defying day cream with SPF15. An energising day cream with SPF15 that works to refine the look of fine lines while also nourishing and restoring skin’s softness. Ideally it is applied every morning to a cleansed, dry face.

This product will help your skin appear more toned and youthful by using purified bee venom and royal jelly nurture with natural collagen formation. For an alternative option to the big, well-know brands, this face cream is a great option.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about Facial Creams

It is important that before purchasing any face creams, you know the main aspects about the product. In the following section, we have included the most relevant aspects of day creams so that you know what these creams really are. In addition, we answer the most frequently asked questions among Australian consumers.

Day creams can contain multiple ingredients. The function and results of the cream will depend on their combination.
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What exactly is a day cream?

Day face cream is a cosmetic product designed to provide optimal care to our skin during the day. As mentioned, the skin of our face requires special and rigorous care due to its constant exposure to the elements and sensitivity. For this reason, the cosmetics and dermatological industry has designed specific products for facial care.

Although it may seem strange, our skin doesn’t have the same needs during the day as at night. During the day, the skin is exposed to multiple external factors that can cause negative impacts. However on the other hand, at night the environment is totally different. So of course, day and night creams are made differently.

Why is it recommended to use day cream?

To answer this question, it is important to remember that the skin of our face is always exposed to the elements. Clothing covers and protects the skin of our body, but the face pretty much always remains uncovered. For this reason, it is the area of skin most vulnerable to the elements of the external environment.

Throughout the day, our faces are impacted by multiple external agents. The sun, the wind, environmental pollution, toxins and many others. These factors can be harmful to our skin, damaging it and altering its structure. Day creams are specifically designed to protect our skin from such factors.

In addition to the facial cream, we recommend you to use sun protection, since they offer us protection against the sun and UV.

What benefits does day cream bring to my skin?

Unlike to what most believe, day cream does not have a purely moisturising role. These cosmetic products are designed to provide complete care for the skin of the face. They cover all your needs and reinforce your weak points. In addition, some specialised facial creams also have aesthetic and beauty properties.

Day creams provide numerous benefits to our complexion
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To summarise, day creams moisturise your face deeply, to avoid irritations and peeling. They revitalise and nourish the tissues, they give your skin a healthier and more youthful appearance. In addition, they reinforce the skin’s hydration, which prevents and reduces the signs of aging.

When you skin is dry, wrinkles are evident, but that’s not all. Better skin hydration will produce less sebum and, with this, less acne. Certain day creams also work by combating facial blemishes or other imperfections that no one likes. They also protect us from the harmful effects of solar radiation and can reduce the damage caused caused to our skin by pollution.

The following list summarises the main benefits of day creams:

  • Deep hydration
  • Skin and tissue nutrition
  • Prevents wrinkles
  • Slows the signs of aging
  • Prevents and treats skin imperfections
  • Protects skin from the sun
  • Reduces the appearance of acne
  • Prevents skin peeling and skin irritations
  • Fights exposure to environmental toxics
  • Gives a healthy, youthful skin appearance

How does a day cream work?

It’s difficult to understand the benefits of a product without knowing how it works. The key to all day cream benefits lies in their composition. In general terms, day creams consist of three types of products, which are listed and explained below.

They are occlusives, moisturisers and emollients. Occlusives help to retain water, preventing it from dissipating from our skin. The moisturisers make the water rise from the deepest layers to the surface of the skin. Emollients fill the gaps between the layers of the skin, giving it consistency and firmness. Combined, they bring multiple benefits to our skin and keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

What should a day cream contain?

Today, the market offers a wide variety of day face creams, each with different properties. But what makes one face cream better than another? Its ingredients. Facial creams can contain multiple ingredients and the combination of these will give one effect or another to the face.

Fatty acids, beeswax, vitamin B and glycerin are powerful moisturisers. Others ingredients, such as coenzyme Q10, retinoic acid derivatives or vitamins A and E have anti-aging effects. In addition, it is essential that your day cream contains sun protection.

The following table displays the main ingredients of day creams, along with their function.

Ingredient Function
Macadamia nut oil Provides a smoothing sensation
Citric acid Regulates and stabilises the acid levels of the skin
Fatty acids Protects the skin, gives elasticity and flexibility to the skin
Hyaluronic acid Moisturises
Lactic and fruit acids Moisturising, anti-acne action
Amino acids Stabilises and moisturises the skin
Beeswax Moisturiser
Coenzyme Q10 Reduces signs of aging
Glycerin Moisturiser
Glycosylrutin Antioxidant
Retinol Palmitate Regenerator, moisturiser and anti-wrinkle
Zinc sulfate Disinfectant and deodorant

Can I use the same cream during the day and night?

Today’s beauty routines recommend the use of a day cream and a night cream. Many consumers wonder why this is and if it possible to just use a single product. The answer is no. Day and night creams are completely different products. They have been designed and formulated with different objectives according to the needs of our skin.

On the one hand, the day cream protects us from the external agents that our skin faces. For example, UV radiation, free radicals and pollution. However the role of night creams, is to repair and regenerate the skin whilst you sleep. They promote cell renewal and repair the damage that is caused during the day.

There are facial creams for day and night.
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How many types of day creams are there?

Today’s day cream range goes far beyond what we imagine. The fast growing and innovative cosmetics industry has developed facial creams adapted to all kinds of circumstances and needs. Its thanks to this wide range of products that we can choose the one that best suits us.

In simple terms, there are different creams depending on our skin type. That is to say, for normal, dry, mixed or oily skin. Its important to note that there are also products for sensitive skin. Even more, there are several day creams according to the results we want to obtain. For example, there are creams with an anti-wrinkle function, with sun protection or containing antioxidants, etc.

Below is a table with the main types of day creams available on the market:

Day cream Properties
For normal skin Contains moisturisers and emollients that correctly regulate skin moisture
For dry skin Hydrates and moisturises deeply
For combination or oily skin Evenly regulates sebum production as well as hydrates
For sensitive or hypoallergenic skin Contains neutral components that do not irritate the skin
Nourishing Provides the substances the skin needs to stay healthy
Anti-wrinkle Moisturises and softens the skin. Its components help fight the signs of aging
Cleanser Removes imperfections, removes excess oil and moisturises
Moisturiser Facilitates water retention in the skin, moisturises and protects
Reaffirming Provides elasticity, restructures tissues, moisturises and nourishes

When should I apply a day cream?

It’s pretty obvious, but a day cream should be applied in the morning. It is recommended to only apply it once a day and every day. It is important to maintain some consistency in the use of day cream, meaning the same amount and time of day that you apply the cream, otherwise, it will not be effective.

Additionally, it is important to be clear about the order in which the day cream is applied in your daily routine. The first step is always a good facial cleansing or wash. Then apply the tonic, followed by the eye contour and the facial serum. At this point, it is time to use the day cream. If the face cream does not contain sunscreen, apply this on top later.

How is the day cream applied?

To use cosmetic products correctly, a certain technique is required. In the below paragraph and image we provide an easy and practical method of applying the facial cream.

It is very straightforward: start by distributing 5 points of product to the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin.Then spread the cream with your fingertips in gentle circular movements. Do it from the inside to the outside of the face and always upwards. This will counteract the effects of gravity, promoting skin firmness. In addition, you will tone and improve its elasticity. Contrary to the belief, technique does matter.

Facial creams have minimal adverse effects
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What adverse effects can a day cream have?

As most recent studies show, the adverse effects of facial day creams are very minimal. Despite the multiple ingredients that facial creams contain, there are hardly any cases of adverse reactions. If and when they do occur, they occur to people who suffer some skin alterations such as pigmentations.

Day creams are designed for healthy skin and should remain on the outside layers of the skin. Some dermatological pathologies can cause these cosmetics to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

The main adverse reactions described are types of dermatitis. That is to say, when skin with alterations comes in contact with a certain product.

Some of these reactions may be aggravated by exposure to the sun. However, as we have already mentioned, these are specific cases.

The table below summarises the advantages and disadvantages of using day cream:

  • Hydration
  • Skin and tissue nutrition
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Reduces the appearance of acne
  • Hypersensitivity reactions
  • Allergies

Shopping Criteria

When buying a day cream, it is important that you evaluate some aspects. In the next section, we have included the most important factors that you should consider before buying the a face cream. With this, you can make sure you make the right decision, choosing the product that best suits your skin type and desired results. These aspects are:

Skin type

Each person has unique skin with certain characteristics. Not everyone is the same. Some people have drier skin, meanwhile others have a higher fat content. This aspect is fundamental when choosing your day cream. Each type of skin has specific needs and these are the factors to consider when choosing a cream.

For example, dry skin will need a day cream with greater moisturising power. For oily skin, a cream with regulating sebum agents is beneficial to help fight acne. So first determine what type of skin you have. Based on this, you will need to choose the most appropriate day cream for you.

Time of year

Although it may seem irrelevant, it’s not irrelevant at all. Weather conditions have a massive impact on our skin. For this reason, we must look for a face cream that meets the needs of each season. For example, in summer we will prefer to use sun protection products. Meanwhile during the winter months, we should look for greater moisturising power.


As we have been discussing, day facial creams do not just have a single function. In addition to moisturising our skin, they can provide many more beneficial effects. These will depend on the composition of each product.

As an example, we may be interested in buying a cream with anti-aging properties. Another key factor may be to look for a product that does not irritate our skin, for those customers with naturally sensitive skin. The market offers a great variety of day creams, with different functions and properties. You will have to choose the cream that provides the function you are looking for.


This  aspect is very similar to the previous one. By now, we know that the function of a facial cream depends on its ingredients. So, once we are clear about the function we are looking for in our cream, we must then study its composition in detail. Therefore, it is important that you know the main functions of some ingredients and it is also vitally important that you keep in mind the sun protection aspect.

Our skin is exposed to the sun’s radiation all day everyday. Even when it is cloudy, the sun’s radiation still has an impact on our skin. The sun can cause serious consequences to our skin and our overall health: sun spots, burns and the worst, cancer. For this reason, it is advisable to use day creams that include sunscreen.


As in any cosmetic product, quality is key. Day creams are products intended for daily use which is why quality ingredients make a huge difference. Additionally, they are applied on a delicate and exposed surface, such as the skin of the face.

Adverse reactions are happen more often if the poor quality products are used. Remember that hypersensitivity reactions, skin irritations and peeling may occur. To avoid this, always look for quality and well-tested creams. You should look at the composition of the product, customer reviews and the overall brand reputation.


Finally, the price of a product must always be taken into account. Given the wide range of day creams out there, it is obvious that prices will also be vary considerably. When choosing your day cream, you must balance the benefits with the price of the product. Remember that a higher priced product does not always mean that its a better product.


In conclusion, the skin of the face is an extremely delicate part of our body that requires special attention. It is exposed day after day to a range of external elements that can damage it. The sun, pollution, adverse weather plus many more. In addition, other factors such as heightened stress or insufficient sleep are also reflected in our faces.

Facial day creams provide all the care that our face needs during the day. What’s more, they also help to maintain a healthy and radiant appearance to keep us looking young. In short, they provide multiple benefits for health and skin care. Rarely producing adverse effects, face creams will help you achieve the results you are looking for and help keep your body safe from the external elements.

There are creams for all skin types and with multiple functions. With the range this is available, you are bound to find the ideal day cream for you, with which you will be able to take care of your precious face. So, have you already decided which day cream to incorporate into your daily routine?

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