Consider this question: What is lipstick for you? Perhaps you think it’s just one more cosmetic product within a huge beauty product market. Just another product to give colour to our lips, just like there are for our eyes or face. However, right from the get go we can assure you that this isn’t the case. The power of lipsticks is so much more.

In recent years, the lipstick industry has undergone an impressive makeover (pun intended). There are hundreds of different varieties of lipsticks available. Each offers particular properties and advantages that were previously unimaginable. The world of lipsticks is a world that has been revolutionised beyond belief. Do you want to know more? Read on.

Key Facts

  • Lipsticks are cosmetic products whose purpose is to provide colour and texture to our lips.
  • Lip care has cosmetic, health and psychological advantages.
  • There are many different types of lipstick in terms of format and finish.

Ranking: The best Lipstick on the market

In this section we have prepared a compilation of the 5 best lipsticks available on the Australian market. In addition, the main characteristics of each of them has been explained. With this, you can easily compare their pros and cons to make an informed decision. This list is going to help you decide which lipstick is right for you.

No. 1: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Nearly There

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This is a long-lasting lipstick that offers a creamier feel by using nourishing honey nectar. It contains a comfortable applicator that makes it so easy to use. Its formula consists of a high concentration of pigments of maximum intensity. The result is a dense colouration that is so rich, so stunning…it’s sensational.

This lipstick has many advantages. It remains intact for more than 12 hours, to keep your lips looking good all day long. In addition, its matte finish gives a sophisticated air and gives volume to your lips. As if that weren’t enough, its composition has been improved to prevent dry lips. It also leaves no stains. What a winner!

No. 2: MagiDeal 12 Shades Women Bullet Shape Waterproof Long Lasting Matte Lipstick Lip Gloss Makeup Set Beauty

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If you are looking for an economical yet reliable lipstick, this could be the one for you. Cosmetic manufacturer MagiDeal have made a waterproof long lasting lipstick with a matte finish that will dry fast and stay on all day without smudging. With 12 fashionable colours to suit every style and occasion, this lipstick is so versatile.

Due to the velvet matte surface, it is non-sticky and has a no-rub-off effect, keeping the lipstick looking fresh in all situations. At an extremely economical price, this product is a great option for you to complete your new look.

No. 3: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick

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This is a long-lasting lipstick in the classic bar format. Even though it is a classic format, it uses the most innovative and revolutionary technology for the best results. It offers a matte finish that will give your lips a healthy, soft and velvety look that turns heads!

Intense long-lasting colour of up to 8 hours, it stands out for its formulation enriched with ruby powder, which provides a sublime coloration without equal. Thanks to the protective colour technology, the lipstick is highly resistant and durable. Finally, the packaging is signed by its creator, Kate Moss.

No. 4: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Rose & Shine

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The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is moisture-rich, silk-drenched and vitamin infused to glide on smooth. This lipstick provides lightweight, radiant colour with a moisturising shine. The rich colour and irresistible shine create a glamorous look. This lipstick comes in a variety of vibrant, unforgettable colours and finishes.

Available in four finishes: crème, matte, pearl, and sheer, this bar format lipstick can be matched with a number of styles and looks. With the added confidence of being produced by such a well-know brand as Revlon, this lipstick would be a great addition to anyones makeup kit.

No. 5: COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Lipstick Cream, Hot 3.5g

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Lucky last on the list comes from beauty brand Covergirl. This excellent lipstick uses a luscious, moisturising formula that’s infused with shea butter to give you delicious, rich colour and soft, smooth lips. The shea butter components of this product give the lipstick a creamy, smooth feel.

Looking for a top quality product thats not going to break the bank? Look no further. Do yourself a favour and buy the COVERGIRL Exhibitionist lipstick to get a rich, satisfying finish.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about Lipstick

It is important that before purchasing a lipstick, you understand the main aspects of this product. Below, we have included the most relevant aspects of lipsticks so that you have all the key info. In addition, we will answer the most frequently asked questions among consumers.

Although certain adverse reactions from the use of lipsticks has happened in the past, they are strictly regulated and safe products
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What exactly is a lipstick?

Lipsticks are cosmetics intended to provide colour and texture to the lips. Lipsticks have been around since the ages, literally. In ancient Mesopotamia (historic region of Western Asia), lip colouring techniques were already being used.

Nowadays, lipsticks are just another cosmetic within the makeup routines of millions of people. Its use is widespread throughout the world and it is actually used for many diverse purposes. Additionally, there is a wide and varied range of lipsticks, with unimaginable formats with multiple finishes.

Pastel shades are very popular with users
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Why is lipstick recommended?

Why the hell are we painting our lips? Most people think it’s just to look good. The reality is that the use of lipstick brings many more benefits than we think and more than just aesthetic benefits. It also provides psychological and health advantages.

As a cosmetic, lipsticks enhance our mouth and our smile. They define the lips and create an amazing sensation of greater volume and thickness. Additionally, depending on the type of lipstick we use, we can give our lips other effects. For example, a more elegant look or a fresh, young appearance.

For optimal results, it is recommended to follow certain steps when using lipstick
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Using lipstick also highlights the whiteness of the teeth, which in turn creates a better smile. As far as health can be concerned, lipsticks protect your lips against potentially harmful external elements. Lipsticks create a barrier that defends your lips from the cold, dryness and dehydration.

Finally, the use of lipsticks has been associated with certain psychological benefits. Lip gloss increases a persons self-confidence. They have been shown to promote strength and perseverance, especially if someone is having a difficult time in their life. Lipsticks make us feel more comfortable with ourselves, more attractive. All these added benefits  translate into a more positive attitude overall.

What are lipsticks made of?

Each lipstick may contain specific ingredients and in specific proportions depending on the brand or type of lipstick. However all lipsticks are formulated based on 4 common components. These are waxes, oil, alcohol and pigments.

In addition to the main components, lipsticks also include preservatives, antioxidants and aromas. To explain the proportions of the main component, oils and wax make up 60% of the product. Alcohol and pigments make up about 25%. The following table summarises the characteristics of the main ingredients of lipsticks.

The main components of lipsticks:

Ingredients Characteristics Examples
Wax Provides body and consistency to lipstick. Facilitates its application Bees, candelilla, carnauba wax
Oil Helps lipstick distribution whilst giving shine and hydration Mineral oils, vegetables, lanolin, butters
Alcohol Used as a solvent for waxes and oils Used as a solvent for waxes and oils
Pigment Provides colour to lipsticks Iron oxide, fluorescein, talc, kaolin, titanium, mica
Preservatives and antioxidants Prevents cosmetic degradation and promotes cosmetic durability Prevents cosmetic degradation and promotes cosmetic durability
Flavours Provide a pleasant fragrance to the product Provide a pleasant fragrance to the product

What types of lipstick are there?

The evolution of the world of cosmetics has also been reflected in lipsticks. In the beginning, the only lipsticks available were the classic lipsticks, mainly in reddish tones. Today however, the variety of lipsticks is mind blowing. They are available in so many different formats, finishes and shades.

It is also important to remove lipstick after use
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From a format perspective, there are 5 main types of lipsticks available. These formats are lipsticks in bar, pencil, liquid, cream or marker. Each type of lipstick can offer very different results. Depending on the finish, we are talking about long-lasting lipsticks, matte lipsticks as well as creamy or glossy variants.

Each format type has specific characteristics. The properties of each will create different results, but this also means certain advantages and disadvantages. Below we have designed a table detailing each type of lipstick, with all the benefits and drawbacks associated with each.

Lipstick format Advantages Disadvantages
Bar Convenient and practical format. Easy to apply. Deep hydration Short duration
In pencil Simple application. Maximum precision to create lips very well defined Variable duration. Requires technique to obtain optimal results
Liquid Long duration, great variety of finishes. Incorporates applicators to facilitate its use. Favours hydration Difficult application
Cream Simple application. Pleasant and soft texture. Moisturises lips. Long duration Usually leaves stains
Marker Very easy to use. High precision. Long-lasting Dry lips
Permanent Long-lasting results. No stains Dry lips
Matte Finish Elegant and sophisticated effect. Opaque and intense colour. Long-lasting Dry lips
Semi-Matte Finish Sophisticated and modern colouring. Greater lip hydration Less opacity and duration
Creamy Finish Great variety of tones. Pleasant consistency and velvety feel. Deep hydration Shorter duration and can leave spots or need touch-ups
Glossy Finish Gives an informal, fresh and carefree feel. Juicy lips. Combinable with other lipsticks Sticky texture, short duration

When should I use lipstick?

Lipsticks are very practical and versatile cosmetics. There are no strict rules restricting or limiting their use and they can therefore be used whenever you want. There is also no age range for using lipsticks, a person of any age should feel comfortable using them.

On a practical level, you can use lipsticks for many occasions. For example, to impress on a special occasion you can use a lipstick to improve the aesthetic of your mouth. On the other hand, you can simple incorporate them into the daily makeup routine to improve your overall personal image.


In short, there are multiple types of lipsticks for all tastes and situations.

How do you apply lipstick?

It’s likely that all of us have used lipstick on at least one occasion. But did we really apply it right? Here’s a handy little step-by-step explanation of the correct technique for applying lipstick.

To begin with, you shouldn’t just apply lipstick without any preparation. A good preparation is achieved by exfoliating the lips and hydrating them with a good lip balm. You can also use a pre-base, although this is optional. Finally, to apply the lipstick, outline the lips with the lipstick. Next, apply the lipstick itself. It is best to apply it from the center to the outside of the lips and it is important to try to cover all cracks in the lips during the application process.

A lipstick is ideal to complete your overall look
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Next, apply a second layer of lipstick. If you happen to apply too much, remove excess lipstick gently and carefully with your finger and a tissue. Finally, to ensure the lipstick lasts for a long time, press your lips together on a piece of paper with lipstick fixative powder or apply a lipstick sealer. A final layer of lipstick can then be applied.

For an overall better finish, fix up any excess bits around the lips with a tissue. If you are looking for a more juicy effect, you can add a nice lip gloss over the top. As you can see, applying lipstick correctly is not as simple as it seems. It requires some technique and skill.

There are lipsticks available in many different colours
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Is removing lipstick important?

People often overlook the importance of removing make-up. In addition to brightening our lips with lipstick, you should also know how to remove it correctly. How can we remove lipstick and what products can we use? Gervaise Gerstner, a dermatologist from New York City gives his advice on removing makeup (including lipstick), to put us beyond doubt.

If you don’t thoroughly remove your makeup before going to bed, you can irritate skin, clog pores, and cause acne.

Removal cosmetics allow lipstick to be removed in a way that is respectful of our skin. They are effective even for permanent lipsticks.

What are the adverse effects of lipstick?

The harmful effects of lipstick have created some controversy on social media over the years. However, it is important to analyse and interpret the information correctly. On one hand, it is true that certain components of lipsticks can be harmful. These ingredients can cause lip irritation, cell damage or hormonal alterations, among others.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that there are strict regulations to which lipsticks are subjected and quality control agencies severely restrict the amount of potentially harmful products in lipsticks. This gives you confidence knowing that lipsticks are safe to use.

When applying a lipstick you can also use a pre-base
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To summarise, lipsticks can be considered safe as they are highly regulated cosmetics. It is however advisable to avoid lipsticks containing harmful products if possible. In addition, it is important to assess your personal allergies or individual differences that may make you more susceptible to adverse reactions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lipsticks?

As we’ve seen, lipsticks are cosmetics with advantages that extend beyond just the aesthetic. However, like any product, they have certain drawbacks to consider. For this reason, we have summarised the main advantages and disadvantages from the use of lipsticks to make it super easy for you.

  • Different effects depending on the product
  • They improve our smile
  • Lip protection against external agents
  • They optimise the care of our lips
  • Greater self-confidence and positive attitude
  • Possible lip dryness
  • Variable duration
  • Unwanted reactions in specific cases

Shopping Criteria

When buying a lipstick, it is important to evaluate certain areas before making a purchase. In the following section we have included the most relevant shopping criteria that you should consider before buying a new lipstick. This way, you can make sure you make a good decision by choosing the lipstick that best suits your needs.

  • Facial features
  • Colour
  • Format
  • Finish
  • Occasion
  • Composition

Facial features

When choosing a lipstick, it is very important that you pay attention to the characteristics of your face. All faces are different and as such, it is important to choose a lipstick that will suit your individual features. These features include the size of your lips, your eyes, the tone of your skin, your hair colour and the shape of your face. All of these aspects will make one lipstick more favorable than the other.

For example, if you have petite lips, use lighter shades to give a feeling of volume. On the contrary, dark colours will be useful to reduce the size of your lips. On thin lips it is also recommended to use glossy lipsticks. For naturally thick lips, matte lipsticks are preferable.

In terms of matching a lipstick with your skin colour, Yahoo Beauty Editor Julie Giusti offers her advice. “Rather than trying to pinpoint your “undertones,” do your best to assess your natural lip colour. If you’re trying out a bold lip, this base colour can help point the way. Women with pale lips look best in cherry red or coral; for naturally reddish lips, try hot pink, orange, or cranberry; for dark lips, brick red and burgundy are ideal.”


As is logical, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when buying a lipstick is its colour. The choice of colour will depend on several aspects. Obviously it will depend on your personal tastes so you should always choose the lipstick you like best.

However to make it make it a little complicated, aspects such as the time of year, the occasion and your physical appearance come into play. For example, in summer, cool, warm and clear tones are more flattering such as pink, fuchsia and reddish tones. Meanwhile, darker shades, such as brown, brick or garnet, are often used in winter.

From another perspective, your hair colour also has a big influence on the choice of lipstick colour. In this sense, blond hair can help emphasise the lips if you use of red and brown toned lipstick. Raw colours and other light tones make the lips stand out if you have brown hair. For red hair, coral and toasted tones are the best. In short, there are many variables to take into account when it comes to lipstick colour. Our advice, apply common sense, follow to your instinct when making a decision on colour.


As mentioned earlier in the article, there are lipsticks available in a variety of different formats. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages that should to be considered. For example, for those looking for hydration, it is best to opt for lipstick bars or creams, which provide a certain degree of hydration. Similarly for those with naturally dry lips, try to avoid lipsticks in the felt-tip pen form, as they dry out the lips. If you are looking for a perfect and precise finish, pencil lipsticks are ideal.


If you’re looking for a lipstick which stays on longer, try liquid lipsticks and felt-tip pens instead of creamy and bar lipsticks.


Another fundamental aspect to bear in mind is the finish of the lipstick. As you’ve seen, lipsticks can give very varied results depending on may factors. From a lipstick’s finish perspective, how do you choose between one finish or another? Well, there are actually several aspects. You have to take into account the pros and cons of each possible finish and evaluate the best one for you.

For example, matte lipsticks are very fashionable these days. They are ideal for an elegant and glamorous look. However keep in mind that they dry out the lips. The same goes for permanent lipsticks. They will allow you to keep your makeup on for many hours, but are not recommended for dry lips.

For better hydration, creamy lipsticks are preferable. Glossy lipsticks are also a good choice to keep you lips well hydrated whilst giving your image a casual look. As you can see, there are so many possible options from a finish perspective. Always choose the one that gives you the results you want to obtain and your natural lip characteristics.


The different style of lipsticks make some more suitable for certain occasions than others. When choosing a lipstick, it’s very important to think about what kind of situation you are going to need it for. Here are a few examples.

Natural and light-coloured lipsticks are great for an informal everyday look, with both matte and glossy finishes being great choices. For high-profile or formal events, such as conferences or weddings, you’ll probably need to be more of a perfectionist with your image. Try lipsticks in pencil form for these type of occasions.


Lipsticks with a long duration will be very useful to be radiant during the whole day or night. Perfect for those all day events or weddings that go into the night.


Last but definitely not least, you must always take the time to review the composition of lipsticks. As you know, lipsticks are safe products that always undergo significnat quality tests. However, there are certain components that have been described as dangerous or potentially harmful to our body. It is advisable to be aware of these substances and opt for lipsticks with a lower proportion of these ingredientes.

In addition, special care must be taken in the case of those people with allergies or specific skin pathologies. In these cases, it is essential to ensure that the lipstick is free of compounds that may be harmful to our health.


By now, it is likely that your idea about lipstick has changed considerably since the beginning of the article. Lipsticks aren’t simply just tools to colour our lips. They have many other benefits, both from a lip care perspective to helping a persons self confidence. It’s incredible what a touch of colour to our lips can bring.

Tired of always seeing yourself with the same old look? Want to add something different to your image? Lipstick will be your little secret. With multiple formats and an infinite number of different finishes that will help you put an end to monotony once and for all. Emphasise your features, express your attractive side and give yourself a boost of positive energy with a new lipstick. You should now know which lipstick is the one for you. Go on, treat yourself.

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