Make-up could be considered an art. Combining multiple products with different textures, shades and formats requires serious technique and skill. To apply it well, in a combination that creates aesthetically pleasing results, is not an easy task. After all the effort and dedication needed, you would expect lasting results.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Make-up fades with minimal rubbing or contact. Features such as the lips are particularly susceptible to being rubbed off or smudged. So what is the solution? Avoid human contact and not to eat or drink with lipstick? Hell no. Long lasting lipsticks have been created to provide a solution to end this little dilemma.

Key Facts

  • Long lasting lipsticks give extra long lasting results.
  • There are different types of long lasting lipsticks, depending on their format and the finish they offer.
  • Long lasting lipsticks offer multiple advantages in addition to their durable qualities. Among other things, they are non-staining and highly resistant.

Ranking: The best Long Lasting Lipstick on the Australian market

In this section you will find a compilation of the 5 best long lasting lipsticks available on the Australian market. In addition, we have summarised the main characteristics of each product to make comparisons simple. It will help you decide which lipstick is right for you. Enjoy.

No. 1: Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour (Glowing)

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4.2 ml. Coming in at number 1 on our list is this fantastic lip gloss and lipstick balm that gives a multi-dimensional colour and shine that last up to 24 hours. Max Factor is a well-renowned cosmetic brand that is known for producing only the highest quality products. The “Lipfinity” line contains a brand new applicator for a true, bold colour that stays put all day.

With a rich colour that stays on for up to 24 hours, this long lasting lipstick is the ideal compliment to an existing makeup routine to give that extra bit a jazz to your look. Featuring a top-coat moisturising balm for a smooth finish with luscious shine, you’ll stay looking good all day long.

No. 2: Lip Gloss Set, LuckyFine 6 Colours Waterproof and Long Lasting Natural Moisturizing Lip Gloss Beauty, Gift Set Liquid Lipstick Set

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Introducing this excellent 6 pack set of lip gloss from LuckyFine to give you that extra bit a sass to your daily wardrobe. With a total of 6 of the most popular colours to choose from, this set comes in a charming matte finish that is long lasting and waterproof whilst being easy to remove with a lip cleansing oil.

This lip gloss is silky, exquisite and elegant and will make your lips glow and be perfectly presentable for all situations, especially in the office, dating, shopping or Aussie summer pool parties with friends. Each lip gloss comes in a clear tube to clearly see the color inside so that you can decide which one is best for the day or night ahead.

No. 3: Max Factor Lipfinity, Bullet Lipstick, Long Lasting

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Looking for a secret weapon to spice up your makeup routine? This could be it. The Max Factor Lipfinity long lasting lipstick in bar format promises to give you all-day luscious lips with up to 8 hours wear. This is the perfect lipstick to live inside your handbag and go with you everywhere due it’s slick design and lightweight feel.

Max Factor promise that this long lasting lipstick glides effortlessly onto your lips leaving a bold colour and cashmere soft feel. At a great price of under $20, this lipstick would be a great addition to anyones makeup kit.

No. 4: 6 Pcs Wine Liquid Lipstick Lady Long Lasting Make Up Gloss Matte Lip Sticks Wine Bottle Cover

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How cute are these? A 6 piece set of long lasting liquid lipsticks in these adorable little wine bottles. Whilst not compromising on quality, these lipsticks contain extracts from  premium French wine for a stronger moisturising and covering effect. The heavy pigmentation composition is absolutely fantastic whilst the wine tint helps maintain a moist shiny gloss with the deep wine colour.

Being marketed as a lipstick that would not even stick on a cup and, after drying, no colour change or flakes coming off to ensure the lips never feel dry. What a great product for you or as a gift for wine lovers and makeup lovers alike!

No. 5: Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour (Indulgent)

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Here again we have another product from the market dominator, Max Factor. A lip gloss and a lipstick balm that gives you a multi-dimensional colour and shine that last up to 24 hours. With this rich indulgent colour, it is a perfect way to make a lasting impression.

The top-coat moisturising balm leaves you with a smooth finish and a luscious shine to keep you looking fresh all day long. If you are looking for an economical yet reliable long lasting lipstick in a great colour, this could be the one for you. Go on, check it and see what you think!

Shopping Guide: What you should know about Long Lasting Lipstick

It is important that before you buy any lipstick, you know the main features of this product. Below, we have described the most relevant aspects of long lasting lipsticks so that you can be properly informed. In addition, we will answer the most frequently asked questions among consumers.

The main disadvantage of long lasting lipsticks is the dryness they can create.
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What exactly is long lasting lipstick?

As is pretty obvious from the name, long lasting lipsticks are a type of lipstick whose main characteristic is to provide long lasting effects. In fact, the name is sometimes referred to as “permanent lipstick”. The effect has made these cosmetics an absolute bestseller today.

There are more and more users who are opting for long lasting lipsticks these days. They are very practical and super easy to use. Nowadays, virtually all cosmetic brands offer long lasting lipstick ranges.


Long lasting lipsticks are available in a variety of formats and shades to suit all tastes.

Why is long lasting lipstick recommended?

Since its launch, long lasting lipsticks have been more than a sales boom. This line of cosmetics offers multiple benefits that captivate anyone who wears them. Its main advantage lies in the duration of the results. Long lasting lipsticks do not require constant retouching. Once applied, their effect is maintained.

What’s more, long lasting lipsticks allow you to perform any type of activity without having to worry about the condition of your lips. Resistance is one of its key strengths. The lipstick remains intact and looking good after eating food, drinking something and even after a good old smooch. As if this wasn’t enough, long lasting lipsticks leave no stains or traces on clothing or teeth.

The duration of the results varies between products, but it can be up to 24 hours.
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How long does a long lasting lipstick last?

The duration of a long lasting lipstick is variable. Not all products have not been  designed to give the same long lasting effects. It really comes down to each specific lipstick and brand. But as a general rule, these types of lipsticks last from a minimum of 8 hours up to 24 hours.

In other words, long lasting lipsticks offer all-day lip colouring. How convenient! Naturally, the results may vary according to what you are doing whilst using long lasting lipstick. For example, using long lasting lipstick for a day out shopping will give different results as using it when going out for a long Sunday lunch. In the latter case, the duration of the lipstick will be shorter.

There are long lasting lipsticks with different shades and effects.
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What’s the difference between long lasting lipstick and other lipsticks?

Today, the market offers such a wide variety of lipsticks. They can be classified according to their format or according to the finish they offer. Form a format perspective, lipsticks are available in bar, pencil, cream, liquid or felt-tip pens. All of them can provide different finishes, one of which is long lasting.

Other possible finishes offered by lipsticks are matte, semi-matte, glossy and creamy. Each of these types has certain advantages and disadvantages. Below, we have created a table that summarises the properties of the different kinds of lipsticks according to their results and included both the pros and cons.

Types of lipsticks according to their finish:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Matte Elegant and sophisticated results


Semi-matte Opaque, dull, elegant finish

Moderate duration

Lips only slightly hydrated
Shiny Versatile, combinable with other types

Juicy and refreshing effect

Sticky consistency

Short duration

Creamy Smooth and pleasant consistency

Intense hydration

Short duration
Long lasting Maximum duration

No retouching required

Great resistance

Intense dryness

What’s in a long lasting lipstick?

You may be wondering what makes long lasting lipsticks last longer than the other types. This feature is not due to a miracle ingredient that prolongs the life of lipstick. The secret is actually in the composition of the lipstick. All lipsticks are composed of the same common ingredients. What distinguishes one lipstick from another is the proportion of each ingredient.

Lipsticks are made up of pigments, waxes, oils and active ingredients. Pigments provide colour to the product. Waxes give it a solid consistency that are easy to apply. The oils allow to correctly distribute the lipstick and moisturise the lips. The active ingredients are what change the specific characteristics of the lipstick.

Permanent lipsticks are ideal for people looking for long-lasting makeup.
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Cosmetic chemistry expert Nick Morante explains that most long lasting lipsticks contain hygroscopic ingredients. This means that they attract and absorb water. This creates a waterproof barrier that fixes and maintains colour on the lips. On the flip-side, this property can dry out your lips more than other lipsticks.

In addition, long lasting lipsticks tend to contain fewer oily components. These compounds provide hydration but also shorten the duration of the lipstick. The end result is a lipstick which has very long-lasting effects and is highly resistant to day-to-day activities such as eating, drinking and kissing.

What types of long lasting lipsticks are there?

Permanent or long lasting lipsticks are available in several different formats. As we have talked about earlier, we can find lipsticks in bar, pencil and liquid form, among others. In addition to long lasting results, a common feature of long lasting lipsticks is that they can offer different finishes such as glossy, matte or semi-matte.

The most common formats of a long lasting lipstick are in liquid, pencil and felt-tip pen format. However these days, more and more long lasting lipsticks are being developed in bar format. But which format is the best? Well, it depends on your personal needs. Each different format of long-lasting lipstick has certain characteristics, which we’ve summarised below.

The types of long lasting lipsticks are:

Format Characteristic
In pencil Application with high precision

Lips will be very well defined

Convenient and practical format

Liquid Exclusive package with applicator included in brush form

Light and pleasant consistency

Simple application

Marker Very easy product to use

High precision results

Greater dryness of lips

Bar Classic format, widely used.

Easy and comfortable to apply

Wide range of colours and finishes

Greater hydration 

How is long lasting lipstick applied?

The unique characteristics and properties of permanent lipsticks make their application special as well. When using a long lasting lipstick, certain aspects must be taken into account in order to obtain optimum results. The Australian professional make-up artist Ania Milczarczyk offers us her most valuable tricks.

According to Ania, before applying the product, it is essential to exfoliate your lips. Sugar, poppy seeds or even a brush are useful and practical exfoliants. As long lasting lipsticks can cause dryness it is advised to follow a daily routine of moisturising of our lips.

Long lasting lipsticks also stand out for their finish.
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Once you’ve prepped your lips, the lipstick can be applied. The first step is to outline the lips with a lipstick. In the case of lipsticks in pencil or felt-tip pen, it is possible to skip this phase. Ania points out the option of filling the lips with a profiler and then blurring it, thus covering possible cracks.

Then you can start by painting the lips in sectors. By applying the lipstick in sectors it will allow you to better control the application without overdoing it. Finally, the make-up artist suggests a trick to encourage the fixation of the colour. The trick consists of applying a light layer of powder on the lips and then making a second and final layer of lipstick.

When is it advisable to use long lasting lipstick?

Permanent lipsticks can be used, as with all other cosmetics, whenever you want. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on their use. However, there are certain situations in which long lasting lipstick can be particularly useful because of its properties.

Long lasting lipsticks can last up to 24 hours and remain completely intact. As a result, they are a great choice for long events where it is important to maintain a good image. In the case of work functions, weddings or parties, they are ideal. They will allow you to enjoy the occasion without worrying about your lipstick.

Long lasting lipsticks are very versatile.
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However, they can also be used for more informal and casual situations. For example, they are an ideal tool for maintaining a flawless image at work or for making a good impression at conferences, meetings or an appointment. They are multi-functional products that adapt easily to any type of occasion.

What are the adverse effects of a long lasting lipstick?

So far, no serious adverse reactions have been reported from the use of long lasting lipsticks. However, it is true that this type of lipstick has been associated with a particular disadvantage: dryness. Long lasting lipsticks tend to dry out the lips more than the rest, which can get annoying.

As a result of dryness, cracks may appear on the lips. It is also common for lips to “peel” when using long lasting lipsticks. In other words, small flakes of dry skin are produced as a result of the prolonged use of long lasting lipsticks.


Remember that dryness can be solved and prevented by following a daily lip moisturising routine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of long lasting lipstick?

As we have seen, long lasting lipsticks offer multiple cosmetic advantages. These properties make the difference from the rest and are the main reason for their success. However on the other hand, there can also be a few annoying side-effects when using these cosmetics. The following table compares the advantages and disadvantages of long lasting lipsticks.

  • Results lasting up to 24 hours
  • High intensity colouring
  • No staining
  • No running
  • Wide variety of formats/finishes
  • Dry lips

Shopping Criteria

When buying a long lasting lipstick, it is important that you keep a few things in mind. Below, we have included the most important factors you should consider before purchasing this product. By checking these areas you can make sure that you make the right decision by choosing the lipstick that best suits your needs. The aspects are:

  • Lip characteristics
  • Occasion
  • Colour
  • Format
  • Finish

Lip characteristics

Before choosing your long lasting lipstick, you should take a few moments to assess what your lips are like. Each person has different lips, either by size, shape, texture or hydration level. This aspect, although it may seem trivial, will significantly change the options for you. Let’s look at some examples.

Those with naturally thin lips will benefit from lipsticks with a matte finish because its ability to give volume. In the case of full, juicy lips, you will be able to choose brighter and more natural finishes. On the other hand, if your lips are very dry, choose the most moisturising lipsticks such as a lipstick in a bar format.


Long lasting lipsticks can be used whenever desired. However, there are certain occasions that they are perfect for. This is the case of events lasting many hours, especially if you are wanting to take care of your image. In these cases, long lasting lipsticks will help maintain perfect lips all the time.

They can also be handy for a romantic night or important appointments. This type of lipstick stands out for its high resistance and is therefore a great choice for those occasions to show radiant, well-maintained makeup.


Long lasting lipsticks are a good option whenever you need durable, intact makeup.


When choosing a lipstick, it is essential to choose the colour, regardless of how long it lasts. This is influenced by various aspects such as personal tastes, type of occasion, time of year and facial features. To begin with, you’ll have to choose the colour you like best. Luckily, there is a very wide variety of shades and ranges to choose from.

If you are looking for a natural and informal look, light and neutral colours are better. For evening events or special occasions, choose the most striking ones. When it comes to the time of year, summer favours pink, bright and fresh tones. During the winter months, subtle colours, such as brown, are worn more often.


As we have seen, long lasting lipsticks are available in various formats. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should assess. Bar lipsticks, for example, don’t tend to last as long but provide greater hydration. Logically, they suit those with naturally dry lips.

If precise results are desired, pencil or marker lipsticks are the best choice. They make it possible to delicately define the contour of the lips. Liquid lipsticks offer extra long lasting results. Some long lasting lipsticks incorporate moisturising balms. However, weirdly, these actually tend to dry out the lips even more.


Finally, in addition to various different formats, long lasting lipsticks are also distinguished by their finish. From matte, semi-matte, glossy and creamy, choosing one finish or another should mostly depend on your personal preferences. However, the occasion or current trends may also play a role in your decision.

Matte lipsticks give a touch of elegance, pride and sophistication. They also add an extra feeling of volume to your lips. These characteristics make them ideal for important, high-profile events. Glossy lipsticks, on the other hand, have a sparkle of freshness and vitality, making them suitable for informal occasions and everyday life.


In short, “long lasting lipstick” is a term that falls short of describing this type of lipstick. Its advantages go far beyond longer-lasting results. Enjoying a good meal, having a drink or kissing your partner without having to worry about your lipstick is priceless. Luxury is now available to you.

But if that wasn’t enough, you’ll now find a huge variety of long lasting lipsticks which include multiple formats and finishes to allow you to choose the one that best suits your preferences. They even offer improved formulas and application tricks to prevent dry lips. Just think, with one of these lipsticks, your lips will remain intact and looking great for 24 hours a day.

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