It is said that a smile is your greatest asset. A smile can be incredibly powerful: it spreads happiness, breaks down barriers and makes people more attractive. Throughout history, people have developed different ways of enhancing their smiles. One famous example of this is lipstick.

Lipstick has been used since time immemorial. This type of makeup has evolved from red-toned mineral extracts in ancient Mesopotamia to the products we know today. Now there is a huge range of lipsticks, in all shapes, shades and types. However, the undisputed king of these is undoubtedly matte lipstick.

Key Facts

  • Matte lipsticks give an intense, highly pigmented finish and a sophisticated, elegant look
  • Matte lipsticks are long-lasting and do not smear. There are different types of matte lipsticks depending on their components and their finish.
  • The main drawback of matte lipstick is that they can cause dryness.

Ranking: The best matte lipstick on the market

In this section, you will find a summary of the 5 best matte lipsticks on the market. Additionally, we have summarised the main characteristics of each to allow you to make a comparison, and decide which is the best lipstick for you.

No. 1: Beauty Glazed Matte Liquid Lipstick

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This liquid matte lipstick by Beauty Glazed offers maximum colour intensity in 6 stunning shades, from deep burgundy red to subtle nude pink. Although liquid matte lipsticks can often dry the lips, this product contains vitamin E, beeswax and vegetable to moisturise the lips and prevent cracking.

With a silky and elegant finish, this product is very long-lasting and even waterproof, perfect for the beach or poolside, or any event when you want to make sure your lips will stay perfect the whole day or night! When you do want to take it off, simply remove with a little lip cleansing oil.

No. 2: Rimmel London The Only One Matte Lip Colour

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This long-lasting lip colour from famous UK cosmetics brand Rimmel London is non-drying with a velvety matte finish. The lightweight formula gives this product a weightless feel and makes it very comfortable to wear. The colour stays put for hours, meaning you don’t need to reapply even for a long event or a big day out.

Rimmel’s intense moisturising formula means this solid lipstick actually adds moisture to your lips rather than drying them out. Unlike some matte lipsticks which can cause chapped and cracked lips, this moisturising product will leave your lips soft and supple.

No. 3: NAQIER Matte Smooth Lipstick

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This lipstick is long-lasting, waterproof and with a stunning matte finish. Coming in stick rather than liquid form, it is perfect for those looking for a velvety matte effect without drying or cracking the lips. This product is non-stick and will not smear or leave marks.

NAQIER matte lipstick comes in a range of shades from subtle pinks to dramatic reds so you will find a colour for every occasion, whether you are looking for something for a formal event or for regular day wear. Natural ingredients such as vitamin E, beeswax and vegetable oil help to keep lips soft.

No. 4: Skull Face Matte Velvet Lip Gloss

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From Skull Face, this liquid matte lipstick has an opaque, velvety finish. It is long-lasting and waterproof, in a range of dynamic shades including purple, deep red and soft rose pink. The dramatic colours such as greyish purple and aubergine are perfect for making a statement at a big event, or to compliment a costume or avant-garde look.

This liquid matte lipstick goes on wet for optimal coverage with one application and dries to a strong, opaque finish with a velvety effect. After applying, lightly purse lips once for optimal finish and to avoid sticking or unevenness.

No. 5: Elle Liquid Matte Lipstick

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This “kiss-proof” liquid matte lipstick is extremely long-lasting. It is waterproof and smear resistant so you can wear all day or all night without worrying about your colour fading or need a touch-up. With intense colour pigmentation, this lipstick provides full, vivid coverage with just one coat and dries to a flat, opaque finish.

Made by brand Elle, this product comes from a vegan and cruelty-free range, so you can be confident that the product doesn’t contain ingredients of animal origin or that have been tested on animals. It is also is paraben-free, so a good choice for those concerned about the hormonal effects of those chemicals.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about matte lipstick

It’s important to know the key things about matte lipstick before making a purchasing decision. Below we have listed the main aspects relating to this type of lipstick so you can be well-informed on the subject. We also answer the most common FAQ’s about this product.

There are various hacks to apply your matte lipstick in order to get the best results.
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What is matte lipstick exactly?

To understand what matte lipstick is, you’ll first need to have a clear picture of lipstick in general. Lipstick, lip gloss or lip stain are all types of cosmetics which aim to give your lips colour. When it comes to lipsticks alone, there are multiple types of this product, with matte lipstick being one of the most popular today.

Matte lipstick is currently on trend, but what exactly is this type of lipstick? This term refers to the specific finish offered by these products. Matte lipsticks are characterised by giving an intense, opaque colour with no gloss, that is, a matte finish. They create a dramatic satin effect.

What are the advantages of using matte lipstick?

Given there are so many types of lipstick available, you may be wondering why you should choose a matte lipstick. To answer this question, let’s first look at the properties of this type of lipstick. Firstly, matte lipsticks contain a high pigmentation density. This means that you can get full-colour coverage with just a single pass of the product.

Secondly, unlike other types of lipstick, matte lipsticks are very opaque, which translates into strong, intense lip colour. The particular texture which characterises matte lipsticks means they do not absorb easily through the skin. This means that the colour lasts longer and doesn’t smear as easily, nor does it lose intensity or leave marks.

Matte lipstick is perfect for any formal occasion.
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Matte lipsticks look particularly great on thin lips. The matte colour effect gives lips more volume, making them look thicker. In the other hand, this product also makes your appearance more elegant and sophisticated and is generally very flattering. Essentially, matte lipstick is handy for all kinds of occasions.

What is matte lipstick made of?

The composition of each lipstick varies depending on the brand and individual product. That being said, each has three main ingredients: waxes, oils and pigments. Each of the ingredients affects the specific characteristics of the lipstick. The ingredients it contains, and in what proportion, is what makes one lipstick different from another.

Waxes give matte lipsticks their consistency and can be from animal or plant-based origin. Bee, lanolin and palm are the most commonly used waxes. Oils, on the other hand, give softness and shine, with jojoba and castor oil being the most frequently used ingredients in lipstick. Finally, pigments give the product its colour and come from a wide range of origins.

You can choose between a wide spectrum of colours.
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Matte lipstick’s characteristic matte finish comes from their particular mix of wax, oil and pigments. In contrast to other types of lipstick, these products have a higher proportion of wax and pigment and less oil. This results in an opaque, highly-pigmented, drier and more durable product.

What is the difference between matte and other lipsticks?

These days there is an incredible amount of lipsticks available. This includes a wide range of different types of lipsticks, in terms of both form and finish. One of matte lipstick’s key, though not only, differentiating features is its finish. The following table compares the different properties and features of each type of lipstick:

Lipstick Wear time Features Disadvantages
Matte Medium-long Highly pigmented, opaque. Elegant and intense results. Cracked lips.
Semi-matte Medium-long Results similar to matte but more hydrating
Creamy Medium-short Smooth, moist lips with a touch of brightness. Requires constant retouching.
Sheer Short Feeling of volume and luminosity. Fresh and sensual effect. Can be combined with other lipsticks. Short lasting, sticky texture.
Permanent and semi-permanent Very long Wide variety of colours. Long-lasting. Very dry.

What types of matte lipsticks are there?

The variety and diversity of lipsticks doesn’t stop at the general types of lipsticks. Within each type, there are also sub-categories, and matte lipsticks are no exception. There are several different kinds of matte lipstick which come in different forms and deliver a range of finishes. Below is a description of each.

Matte lipsticks come in stick, liquid or pencil forms. When in the traditional stick form, you apply the stick directly to your lips. This is comfortable, practical and easy to use. Liquid lipsticks, on the other hand, are applied with a brush, which is usually part of the product. These have maximum intensity, but also dry the lips more.

Matte lipstick has a volumising affect.
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There are also matte lipstick pencils. These look similar to lip-liner, but with the same texture as traditional lipstick. The big benefit of this format is it offers greater precision. Along with matte lipstick, you can also buy semi-matte which is more hydrating but less long-lasting compared to matte lipsticks.

Format Characteristics
Stick Easy application. Less dryness.
Liquid Maximum intensity. More dryness.
Pencil Precision in application. Similar to lipsticks.

Below is a table showing the different type of matte lipstick finishes.

Finish Characteristics
Classic (matte) More opaque with lasting results. Cracks the lips.
Semi-mattes Less opaque and shorter lasting, but more hydrating.

How do you apply matte lipstick?

There is no universal technique for applying matte lipstick. However, Elsa Durrens, Chanel makeup artist, offers some basic tips to get the best results. Firstly, it’s important to exfoliate and moisturise the lips correctly before applying your lipstick. This helps to avoid dryness which can be a risk with matte lipstick.

Next, you should be sure to choose the best matte lipstick with your preferred format and finish. How you apply it will depend on the exact product you choose. Pale tones are better applied with your fingers for more natural results. Another technique involves dabbing them once with your fingers once onto the lips.

Matte lipsticks give an elegant and sophisticated look.
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When it comes to dark tones, outlining the lips first will give a better result. This will enhance the colour while perfectly defining the lip shape. To finish, remove excess lipstick by touching lightly with a tissue. This final tip will make your matte lipstick even more long-lasting.

What are the disadvantages of matte lipsticks?

The main disadvantage of matte lipstick is the dryness it can cause. As previously mentioned, this type of lipstick contains less oil-based ingredients, which are the components that hydrate and moisturise the lips. In turn, this means that the lips dry out during wear and may crack, which is not only uncomfortable but also unattractive.

To avoid this, makeup experts recommend exfoliating and moisturising your lips before applying matte lipstick. Cosmetics companies have also developed new matte lipsticks with improved formulas which give the enviable effect of the matte finish but without sacrificing moisture. So all problems can be resolved.

The following list shows the main advantages and disadvantages of matte lipstick.

  • Intense pigmentation
  • Opaque, solid colour
  • Complete coverage
  • Long-lasting
  • Dry, cracked lips

Shopping criteria

When buying matte lipstick, it is important to consider certain factors. Below are the most relevant points to consider before buying this product. This will help you to make the best decision and choose the lipstick which best suits your needs. These factors are:

  • Format
  • Type of lipstick
  • Shade
  • Features
  • Occasion


The first decision you’ll need to make is what form of matte lipstick you want to buy. These products are available in stick, liquid or pencil form. Which you choose will depend on your needs. For example, the traditional stick form is very practical and easy to apply. They also dry the lips less compared with other formats.

On the other hand, liquid matte lipsticks give more intense colour, but in turn, cause greater dryness. For this reason, they are not recommended for use with very dry lips. Finally, lip pencils let you have precise application and perfectly defined lips. These make them ideal when you need impeccable results.

Type of lipstick

As well as their format, matt lipsticks can vary in terms of their composition. On one hand are the classic matt lipsticks. They give intense colour, with full and lasting colour. However, this comes at a price: they tend to dry out the lips. This makes them a good choice for lasting and immovable colour, but to be avoided if you have dry lips.

Alternatively, you may consider a semi-matte lipstick, a new range which is growing in popularity of late. They offer an equally attractive matte finish, with more moisture but for a shorter length of time.


Semi-matte lipsticks are one to consider for drier lips and when long-lasting is not a priority.


Choosing the right colour of lipstick is critical. There is currently a wide range of matte shades available, from natural tones and classic colours such as pinks and reds to more extravagant lilacs and even black. The right shade depends on your tastes, personality, and the occasion.

For example, for important events, reddish and brown tones are common choices. These are sophisticated, striking and very flattering shades on most people. On the other hand, for informal occasions or everyday use, natural tones may be more appropriate. Neutral pinks will lend elegance without attracting too much attention.


When using lipstick of any kind, it is important to keep your features in mind, as well as your desired results. This is to say, the features you wish to enhance will depend on the characteristics of your face. People with very thin lips, for example, look best in striking shades such as reds and fuchsias.

These bright colours make lips more prominent and give them the appearance of volume. On the other hand, thick and naturally voluminous lips look great in natural shades. In this way, the lips look attractive without overwhelming the rest of the face. In essence, this is all about playing to your strengths.


Finally, your decision will depend greatly on the occasion you plan to wear your lipstick. This will determine both the shade and the colour. For evening events, you will want a striking and long-last lipstick, therefore a liquid product will be the way to go.

Alternatively, if you are looking something to wear on a day to day basis, a lipstick in neutral tones should be your weapon of choice. On the hand, if you have a very important event coming up, you will probably want to go with a matte lip pencil. Find the lipstick which best suits the use you will put it to.


By now, you’ll have a good understanding of why matte lipsticks are leading their field. With just a simple application, they can give you velvety, voluminous lips with intense colour. You can choose from a wide range of options to suit any occasion or taste.

With matte lipstick, you’ll no longer have to worry about your lip colour fading. You can also forget about staining: with matte lipstick, this isn’t an issue! In short, this type of makeup really provides miraculous results. What about you – are you making a dramatic impression with matte lipstick?

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